PICO presentations are organized in sessions scheduled at specific PICO spots, indicated in the programme together with the time of presentation of each contribution. The PICO sessions are scheduled in four 105-minute time blocks per day. The networking break, 18:00–19:00, offers refreshments, and is dedicated to networking and additional poster and PICO viewing.

Time block Presentations
TB1 08:30–10:15
TB2 10:45–12:30
TB3 14:00–15:45
TB4 16:15–18:00
It is strictly prohibited to take photos of any scientific material without the explicit permission from the authors. Authors are therefore asked to indicate explicitly in their PICO presentation whether they forbid or allow photography of their work. Please download EGU's official graphics for inclusion in your presentation: photography encouraged | photography NOT allowed

Prepare your PICO presentation

A PICO presentation consists of a 2-minute oral followed by presentation time at a touch screen. PICO authors are kindly asked to prepare one presentation file fulfilling both needs, 1) a summary of your work for the introductory 2-minute oral, as well as 2) an unlimited number of slides going into more detail for the following viewing and discussion time at the touch screen. The touch screens have a size of 42". The operating system is Windows 10. Your presentation file must be PowerPoint or PDF and videos and animations should be embedded.

The slide(s) used for your 2-minute oral should include a one-sentence summary of each slide at the bottom to help audience follow the presentation.

Since the touch screens are in wide-screen format, we recommend producing your presentation with an 16:9 aspect ratio. However, you can also prepare your presentation in the classic 4:3 format. The extra space is then used for the branding of the contribution as well as the navigation.

Since visitors watch your PICO presentation file on touch screens, a decent navigation must be enabled. There are two options: you can either implement links yourself within your presentation file so one can click to navigate, or you can produce a classic presentation where the visitor must move forward and backward through your slides. For the latter, our PICO staff will implement three buttons on site upon presentation upload to move forwards and backwards, as well as to access the table of contents of that particular session. We determine the position of these buttons together with you. If you include the navigation through links yourself, we will only include a home button to go back to the table of contents. In any case, please keep in mind to provide empty space on your slides where our implemented buttons can be shown without covering parts of your presentation.

Please download our guide on How to make a PICO.

PICO presentation upload

The PICO presentations are organized centrally. Therefore, authors are kindly asked to upload their presentations at the PICO upload & preview on site in Hall X5. Please make sure to finalize your upload by 08:00 of the day your PICO session is scheduled. The upload of PICO presentations is not a self-service. Please contact one of the PICO assistants. The opening hours are as follows:

Day Time
Sunday 12:00–18:00
Monday 07:30–19:00
Tuesday–Thursday 08:00–19:00
Friday 08:00–17:00

PICO spot equipment

  • Touch screen for each presenter
  • For the 2-minute oral
    • 16:9 projector
    • Speaker microphone
    • Presentation timer with displays for presenter and chairperson
  • All PICO spots are equipped with one lowered screen

Presentation tips

  • Use font sizes that are large enough to be read from some distance, this should also apply to labels on figure axes
  • Embed all used fonts in order to guarantee a smooth presentation
  • Avoid the rainbow colour scale or the parallel usage of red and green since it is not distinguishable for everyone
  • Please consider adding a one-sentence summary of each slide at the bottom to help audience follow the presentation
  • Consider adding a QR code to the author's website or a website with further information
  • Please always use the microphone for your 2-minute oral, independent of your vocal abilities. All PICO spots' audio signal is streamed allowing people with hearing difficulties to better follow the presentations

Please be advised that beginning in 2020, EGU will stream the audio signal from all lecture rooms and PICO spots to allow attendees to connect their hearing-aid devices to a smartphone to receive the audio stream.

PICO no-shows

Inclusion of your abstract in the conference programme obliges you or one of your co-authors to present your contribution at the time and in the manner indicated. If you already know that your contribution will not be presented, you are asked to withdraw your abstract as soon as possible.

At the conference, missing presentations are categorized as no-shows if the abstract has not been withdrawn by the time of the presentation as given in the programme. Such no-shows will be recorded and conveners will be informed after the conference. No-show authors will be asked for reasons. Without appropriate reasons, these abstracts and their HTML files will be removed from the conference website and a message ‘withdrawn after no-show’ is added to the presentation slot in the online programme.