Direct trains to Vienna exist from Zürich, Rome, Brussels, and some large cities in Germany (e.g., Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf). We strongly encourage travelling by train where possible, also when no discount can be offered.

The EGU is once again pleased to support the initiative of Swiss colleagues, in collaboration with the Swiss railway company (SBB), to reduce the carbon footprint of travel to the EGU General Assembly 2020. If you ride the train from Zürich to Vienna, SBB offers you a CHF25 discount. So why not consider going to the General Assembly by train?

There are two ways to reach your Vienna from Zürich: you can either take the ÖBB Nightjet and arrive well rested in the morning, or you can ride the ÖBB Railjet, which smoothly transports you to Vienna during the day while you are preparing for the assembly.

How to get your discounted SBB ticket from/to Zürich

  1. Go to:
  2. If it is not already displayed, fill in the promo-code "egu2020wien" in the dedicated box.
  3. Choose your train and your ticket.
  4. Pay your ticket.

Terms and conditions

The promo-code "egu2020wien" grants a discount of CHF25 only for online purchase via for a journey between Switzerland and Austria. The minimal purchase amount is CHF100. The promo-code is valid from 1 December 2019 until 7 May 2020 for a round-trip journey occurring between 30 April 2020 and 11 May 2020. The discount is only valid for a reservation for a single participant. No refunds will be given. Voucher cannot be combined with other promotions. Please see the terms and conditions at